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Columbia Annual Trail Run

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Women 10K Run

Corpo Jumble

Starry Night Marathon

About Coach Ravinder

Coach Ravinder, popularly known as Coach, is one of the leading run catalysts. Ravinder is a marathoner, fitness coach and a mentor to the budding running enthusiasts in the NCR. Due to his excellent inter-personal skills and propensity to be a motivational force for every runner and running-aspirant, he is a name to reckon with in India and especially in Delhi NCR. He has a huge fan-following as people respect him for his mentoring and coaching skills. Coach Ravinder is the co-founder of Run With Me Foundation and oversees its day to day operations.

Current Events

Kangra X-Country Run 2018

Women 10K Run Chandigarh

Vatika Half Marathon

3rd Darting Damsels (10K Women Relay)

Dashing Dudes (10K Men Relay)

Runner of the Year Awards